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Eliana VS Kimberly 9

Warning--Video contains Wardrobe Malfunctions and Very Sheer Lingerie. This video is a match between Eliana and Kimberly. Both ladies start off with sexy tops and skirts. But those do not stay on long. Both ladies start off face to face. Eliana does a surprise right hook that KO's Kimberly immediately into the match. Kimberly is KO'ed and Eliana ragdolls her by putting her into a headscissors, sleeperhold, full nelson, and crossface. Inbetween putting Kimbelry into these holds she removes Kimberly's top and skirt. Kimberly is left to wrestle in her lingerie with a very sheer top. Eventually Kimberly awakes and delivers her very own right punch to KO Eliana. Now Kimberly decides to ragdoll Eliana and remove her top and skirt. Eliana is left to wrestle in her black lingerie. Kimberly puts her into a headscissors, sleeperhold, backstretch, full nelson, and backbreaker. While Kimberly has Eliana in the backbreaker she slaps Eliana's face multiple times and calls her pathetic. Eliana awakens angry from the slaps and delivers a right punch under Kimberly's chin to KO her once again. Eliana then decides to humiliate Kimberly and removes her top completely. Kimberly is left to wrestle with no top on as Eliana ragdolls a KO'ed Kimberly by putting her in a boston crab, camel clutch, and bearhug. At the very end Eliana decides to take Kimberly's removed top and choke her with it while Kimberly is already KO'ed. Kimberly is left KO'ed flat on her back and humiliated. Approximately 25 minutes.