High Definition Downloadable Video

Eliana VS Kimberly 6

This video features 2 seperate matches between Eliana and Kimberly. In the first match Eliana is in a white top and tiny skirt set and Kimberly is in a pink top and tiny skirt set. The video starts off with both ladies doing a solo dance. Then they face off for their match. The first lady to KO their opponent is the winner. The match is even throughout with both ladies nearly getting a KO on their opponent. Holds featured are sleeperholds, chinlocks, dragon sleeper, headscissors, bearhugs, camel clutch, backstretch, and more. Eventually one lady gets the KO on their opponent for the win. In the second video Eliana displays her strength by doing multiple lifts and carrys on Kimberly. Eliana does calf raises and squats with Kimberly on her back. She also puts Kimberly in several lifts and even lifts her on top of her shoulders and carries her around. Approximately 21 minutes.