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Eliana VS Kimberly 5

Warning--Video contains Sheer Bikinis and Lingerie. This video features to seperate matches. In the first match Eliana is in leopard lingerie and Kimberly is in a sheer white bikini. The ladies have a belly punching contest. The rules are the ladies take turns trading 5 belly punches until one lady quits. The winner gets to give her opponent an additional 10 belly punches. Both ladies split a contest with the final contest deciding the winner. Kimberly is able to get Eliana to submit and deliver her 10 additional belly punches. Kimberly decides to go past 10 belly punches and eventually keeps punching Eliana until she is KO'ed. This upsets Eliana and decides to throw Kimberly to the ground and KO her with a sleeperhold. In the second match both ladies wrestle in sheer lingerie. Both ladies are arguing over a man and trash talk the entire match. Eliana grabs control of the match and throws Kimberly down and spanks her butt multiple times. Then she gives Kimberly a very long breast smother until Kimberly cannot go anymore. Eliana is declared the winner. Approximately 15 minutes.