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Eliana VS Kimberly 24

Warning--Video contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 3 matches between Eliana and Kimberly. In the first match Eliana is in a black top and blue jeans and Kimberly is in a white top, jean shorts, and white stockings. Kimberly is on the couch texting as Eliana approaches her that Kimberly has been talking trash about her and challenges her to a match. Kimberly accepts. The match is even througout as both ladies try to get a submission. Kimberly is stripped of her white top and shorts and left to wrestle in pink lingerie. There is a lot of trash talking throughout the match. Finally Kimberly is exhausted as Eliana sits on her stomach and hooks both of her legs as she bounces up and down on Kimberly's stomach. Kimberly eventually is KO'ed and Eliana wins the first match. Holds featured are bodyscissors, dragon sleeper, belly punches, bearhugs, chinlocks, and more. In the second match Eliana wears a sheer fishnet black top with a black skirt and Kimberly is in a white cutoff t-shirt and white shorts. Both ladies are circling each other and trash talking with Kimberly letting Eliana know that she has never been dominated like that before and that it will not happen again. Again this match is even down to the end with a lot of trash talking and both ladies trying to get a submission. Eventually Eliana is KO'ed and Kimberly pins her for the five count using a full body pin as she evens the score at one to one. Holds featured are test of strength, headscissors, bodyscissors, backstretches, sleeperholds, and more. The third match decides the winner. Eliana is in a micro red bikini with black boots and Kimberly is in a micro blue bikini. The ladies once again circle each other and talk a lot of trash for the entire match. Once again the match is even down to the end. Eliana decides to end the match by bringing out the steel sheet and slams Kimberly's head onto it. Then applies a sleeperhold and bodyscissors combo as Kimberly is KO'ed. Eliana wins the matches two to one and is the winner of 3 very long matches. Eliana keeps talking trash to a KO'ed Kimberly. Holds featured are belly and back punches, leg and back stretch, bearhugs, reverse headscissors, sleeperholds, crossface, dragon sleeper, bodyscissors and chinlock combo, and more. Approximately 29 minutes.