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Eliana VS Kimberly 23

Warning--Video contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Eliana and Kimberly. In the first match the ladies wrestle in micro bikinis. Kimberly is dominated and humiliated the entire match as Eliana ragdolls her. From the very beginning Eliana KO's Kimberly multiple times by using various holds and slamming her head onto a steel sheet. At the very end of the match, once Eliana has left the room, Kimberly finally awakens and comments that she has never been dominated like this before. And then she looks down and realizes that one of her breasts is completely exposed. She storms off angry that Eliana or the cameraman did not have the decency to let her know that her breast was exposed or to cover her up. Holds featured are multiple different headscissors holds, sleeperholds, bearhugs, and more. In the second match Eliana is in a colorful tiny bikini and Kimberly is in a red and black lingerie set. They start off with a handshaking contest. They struggle but there is no submission. Then the ladies decide to have a sit down and give each other an interview on various wrestling questions. After the interview they have a boxing match in which both ladies are even until Eliana KO's Kimberly with a right hook. Eliana decides to continue the punishment as she awakens Kimberly and removes her gloves. She then dominates her and KO's her a few more times using bearhugs, headscissors, and sleeperholds. Approximately 30 minutes.