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Eliana VS Kimberly 2

In this video Kimberly is preparing for her boxing match with Eliana. But wants a warmup match against you. So she boxes you and humiliates you by knocking you down multiple times. She teases and makes fun of you by calling you pathetic and how easy of a boxing match this is. After she knocks you out for the final KO she decides to humiliate you even further by sitting on you and continuing to throw punches. You are knocked out and Kimberly continues to tease you as she walks aways to prepare for her match with Eliana. Kimberly's match with Eliana starts off and both ladies get their share of punches in order to win by KO. The match is even until Eliana grabs a hold of Kimberly and gives her multiple belly punches and a right hook that KO's Kimberly. Eliana is declared the winner. Approximately 16 minutes.