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Eliana VS Kimberly 20

Warning--Video contains Sheer Outfits. This video features 2 matches between Eliana and Kimberly. In the first match the ladies wrestle in tiny bikinis. The match starts off with a nose to nose staredown. Eliana takes control early as she puts Kimberly into a backbreaker and delivers belly punches and breast claws. Eliana dominates the first part of the match. Kimberly gains control and pins Eliana for the 5-count and eventually KO's Eliana for the win. Eliana is left humiliated and spread eagle. Other holds featured are backstretch, sleeperhold, breast claws and punches, headscissors, and more. In the second match Eliana is in sheer white lingerie and Kimberly is in black lingerie. Eliana dominates Kimberly the entire match by KO'ing her multiple times. Holds featured are headscissors, iron claw hold, sleeperhold, dragon sleeper, and more. Approximately 16 minutes.