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Eliana VS Kimberly 19

This video features a match between Eliana and Kimberly. Both ladies are in business suits. Kimberly starts the match off by choking Eliana with an article of clothing. Kimberly dominates the entire match and strips Eliana out of her business suit. Kimberly decides to get comfortable herself and removes her business suit and wrestles in lingerie. Kimberly KO's Eliana multiple times. Kimberly even lets Eliana get her into a bearhug. The bearhug does nothing to Kimberly as she continues to dominate. Kimberly humiliates Eliana even more by giving her a butt spanking and then gets a submission from Eliana with a camel clutch for the win. Other holds featured are bearhugs, breast smothers, full neslon, sleeperhold, and more. Approximately 10 minutes.