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Eliana VS Kimberly 18

Warning--Video contains Wardrobe Malfunctions and Sheer Outfits. This video features 2 matches between Eliana and Kimberly. In both matches Eliana is in a tiny black skirt and top and Kimberly is in a tiny pink skirt and sheer white top. Both ladies start off with a little dance and then wrestle. The ladies attempt to get either a 5-count pin or submission on their opponent. The match is even throughout. Kimberly gets a 5-count pin on Eliana. Eliana eventually gets a submission from Kimberly by giving her a wedgie. Holds featured are chinlock, standing hair pull, sleeperhold, and more. In the second match both ladies remove their robes and start the match. Kimberly dominates the entire match using multiple holds and gets the KO and 3-count pin for the win. Holds featured are bearhug, sleeperhold, backbreaker, dragon sleeper, headscissors, chinlock, and more. Approximately 16 minutes.