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Eliana VS Kimberly 17

Warning--Video contains Sheer Lingerie. This video features 2 different matches between Eliana and Kimberly. In the first match Eliana is in a purple one piece lingerie outfit and Kimberly is in a pink and black lingerie outfit. Eliana gains control from the beginning of the match by using an article of clothing to choke Kimberly while she has her in different holds. Then she continutes to dominate and KO Kimberly mutliple times using multiple holds. Holds featured are bodyscissors, sleeperholds, breast scissors, bearhugs, and more. In the second match Eliana wrestles in a sheer blue green lingerie piece and Kimberly is in black lingerie. Once again Eliana gains the control early on and KO's Kimberly multiple times. As the match goes on Eliana decides to completely humiliate Kimberly and removes her top and chokes her with it. Kimberly is left to wrestle without a top for the rest of the match. Holds featured are iron claw hold, standing headscissors, bearhugs, sleeperholds, foot choke, chinlocks, and more. Approximately 33 minutes.