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Eliana VS Kimberly 16

Warning--Video contains Wardrobe Malfunctions and Sheer Lingerie. This video features 2 different matches between Eliana and Kimberly. In the first match Eliana is in a black bikini and Kimberly is in black lingerie. The match is a 3 fall match with the lady gaining the most 5-count pins declared the winner. The are multiple failed pin attempts and kickouts. Eventually one lady wins 2 of the 3 falls and is the winner. Holds featured are dragon sleeper, full nelson and bodyscissors combo, sleeperholds, chinlocks, chokes, chinlock and bodyscissors combo, headscissors, and more. In the second match Eliana wrestles in a red slingshot bikini and Kimberly is in a sheer black lingerie outfit. Kimberly is in control the entire match and puts Eliana into various holds until she KO's her with a dragon sleeper for the win. She dominates Eliana throughout by putting her into chinlocks, breast scissors, breast claws, bearhug and breast claw combo, headscissors, backbreaker, and more. Approximately 28 minutes.