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Eliana VS Kimberly 15

This video features 2 different contests between Eliana and Kimberly. The first contest is a belly punching contest. Kimberly is in a yellow and blue bikini and Eliana is in a red bikini. Each lady gets 5 punches to their opponents belly until there is a submission. There are 3 falls. The winner gets an extra 10 belly punches to the losers belly. They takes turns giving belly punches from their knees, laying down, and against the wall. One lady is victorious in the final fall and decides to continue giving belly punches to their opponent well after the 10 count limit. Eventually one lady is KO'ed from all the belly punches. When she awakens she is angered and puts her opponent into a headscissors for the KO. In the second match Eliana is in an orange bikini and Kimberly in a yellow bikini. Kimberly starts off the match immediately by pushing Eliana against the wall and applying a breast claw. Then she switches to belly and breast punches. Kimberly continues to dominate Eliana in different positions using belly and breast punches and breast claws. She even puts Eliana into a backbreaker and delivers more belly punches and breast claws. Eliana is eventually KO'ed from all the punches. Approximately 22 minutes.