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Eliana vs Kimberly 14

Warning--Video contains Full Topless. This video features a match between Eliana and Kimberly. Eliana is in a white t-shirt with red bikini bottoms and Kimberly is an a red bikini. Both ladies start of stretching and telling each other that they are going to be the champion. They have a competition where they voluntarily put each other into holds and moves such as headscissors, bodyscissors, and belly punches as each ends up KO'ed until Eliana starts belly punching Kimberly. Kimberly decides to cheat and throws Eliana down and strips her of her white t-shrit leaving Eliana full topless. Kimberly then uses the t-shirt to choke Eliana. Eliana wrestles topless the rest of the match. Eliana is able to recover and KO's Kimberly with a choke and also with a bearhug. Kimberly comes back and KO's Eliana with a bearhug of her own and and a breast smother leaving Eliana KO'ed on her back and full topless. The ladies continue to go back and forth KO'ing each other with iron claw holds, crotch claws, and faces punches. Eliana keeps nailing Kimberly with face punches until she KO's her and pins her for the 10-count leg hook pin. Eliana then decides to humiliate her even more and pins her for another 10-count but this time double leg hook pin. Then decides to pin her by sitting on her stomach and a double leg hook pin for the 5-count. Eliana pins her for a 25-count. Kimberly is completely KO'ed. Kimberly eventually wakes up on the floor by herself unaware of what happened and confused. Approximately 27 minutes.