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Demi VS Bella 3

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Demi and Bella. In the first match both ladies are in micro bikinis. Bella tells Demi that she is going to dominate her with her breasts. Demi tells her she is going to dominate her with her strong legs. Demi does get a lot of offense in but Bella's massive breasts end up tiring her throughout the match with multiple breast smothers until Demi is eventually KO'ed. Both ladies have trouble staying in their tops throughout the match. Other holds featured are multiple different types of headscissors, breast claws, backstretch, and more. In the second match Bella tells the camera that Demi is way too nice a lady and will have trouble competing with her. What results then is Demi attacking Bella and delivering too many belly punches to count during the match. Demi also works on Bella's abs with belly claws and even belly punches while in a backbreaker. During the match one of Bella's breasts slips free adding to her humiliation. Then to add more humiliation Demi applies the thumb to the neck nerve hold that has Bella KO'ed, twitching, and jiggling, with one of her breasts entirely exposed. A very humiliating way to lose a match. Demi then tells the camera if people think she is nice then to try wrestling her and the result will be the same as what she did to Bella. Ohter holds featured are bearhugs, bodyscissors, and more. Approximately 19 minutes.