High Definition Downloadable Video

Capri VS Makalya 3

This videos features 2 matches between Capri and Makayla. Capri is in an orange bikini and Makayla is in a colorful bikini. Capri comes into this match over confident. Makayla has a plan to dominate Capri with nerve holds especially the mandible claw hold. Capri is not prepared for this. Capri is KO'ed with a hand smother and then Makayla starts the nerve holds. She applies skull crushers, thumb to the neck nerve hold, trapezius neck nerve hold and even stands on Capri's neck with her foot as she is KO'ed. She even uses a towel to choke Capri. She then starts putting Capri into multiple mandible claws using the towel. Capri is twitching and convulsing uncontrollably the entire match while in the holds and while KO'ed on the floor. Many times she is KO'ed with her mouth open from all the manible claws she receives. Makayla even starts to play with Capri's hair and face and she lays there KO'ed, twitching, and convulsing. Very, very humiliating. One final mandible claw and Makayla throws the towel that she used for the mandible claw onto Capri and walks off for the win. Capri finally awakens looking around in shock and walks off holding her head in pain. In the next match Capri is in a white bikini top and jean shorts and Makayla is in a tan top and jean shorts. Capri talks to the camera saying can you believe what that bitch Makayla did to me and that she was so embarrassed. Makayla attacks Capri from behind with her towel wrapped around her arm and applies another mandible claw on Capri as she slowly fall to the floor and onto her back and KO'ed again. She starts to twitch and convulse again. Capri many times does wake up an pleads with Makayla to please stop punishing her. Makayla continues putting Capri into multiple mandible claws and even applies a skull crusher. Capri is twitching and convulsing all match. Many times again while KO'ed her mouth is open from all the mandible claws she received. Again Makayla plays with Capri's hair and face while KO'ed. Makayla does a victory pose and walks off with the easy win once again. Capri again awakens looking around her saying what the hell in shock and tells the camera she will get her revenge next time as she walks of in pain. Approximately 22 minutes.