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Capri VS Makayla 2

This videos features 2 matches between Capri and Makayla. In the first match Capri is in a skimpy white top and jean shorts and Makayla is in an orange top and jean shorts. Makayla early on continues her domination and get 2 KO's on Capri. Capri then surprises Makayla with a stomach punch and from then on takes control as she KO's Makayla multiple times. She starts taking trash on how she is going to keep on kicking Makayla's ass. She KO's her with a hand smother. A final 3 count pin and victory pose and Capri picks up the win. In the second match Capri is in a skimpy black dress and Makayla is in a skimpy orange dress. Makayla still not recovered from her earlier match is once again dominated and KO'ed by Capri. Capri keeps talking her trash to Makayla. Capri again uses a hand smother for the victory and 3-count pin for the easy win. A final victory pose and walks up to the camera and says she is not losing to Makayla again. Capri is now proud of herself and developing an ego. What awaits for next match is one of the most humiliating defeats we have filmed. Other holds featured are bodyscissors and chinlock combo, chokes, sleeperholds, headscissors, bearhugs, backstretch, and more.. Approximately 20 minutes.