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Capri VS Buff Blondi 3

This video features another match between Capri and Buff Blondi. Capri is in a grey bikini top with maroon leggings and Buff Blondi is in a micro striped bikini top with black tights. Both ladies have humiliated each other so far in both their matches. They both try a different approach this match and that is destructing each others breasts while having their opponent in holds. They keep putting each other in various different holds with one hand and clawing their opponents breasts with the other hand. Both ladies are KO'ed multiple times. Holds used together with a breast claw are sleeperholds, dragon sleepers, chokes, iron claw hold, bearhugs, and more.. They even apply double breast claws on their opponent. There is a ton of trash talking in this match as they will not stop talking. Both ladies are worn out and attempt a double breast claw on each other which eventually they both end up KO'ed and twitching and convulsing. They end up waking up and with the little energy they have left they apply a single breast claw to each other that again leaves them KO'ed while twitching and convulsing. The match is over with both ladies knocked out as they twitch and convulse as the camera fades. Approximately 19 minutes.