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Capri VS Buff Blondi 2

This video is a rematch between Capri and Buff Blondi. Capri is in a colorful tiny bikini top with maroon leggings and Buff Blondi is in a purple micro bikini top with black tights. Capri wants to answer for the humiliating beatdown she received last time. She is more focused and is able to get a few KO's on Buff Blondi using sleeperholds, headscissors, bearhugs, and iron claw hold. Capri now decides to get ruthless and give Buff Blondi no chance of recovering and starts delivering mandible claws and neck snaps of her own. Even when Buff Blondi is knocked out Capri picks her up and delivers multiple neck snaps and mandible claws. Buff Blondi is twitching and convulsing after each neck snap and mandible claw. She is left humilated in a suprising result and Capri yells "payback" at her. Capri pins her for the 3-count for the win. Approximately 13 minutes.