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Capri VS Buff Blondi 1

This videos features a match between Capri and Buff Blondi. Capri is in a yellow micro bikini top with black leggings and Buff Blondi is a pink micro bikini top with black tights. Buff Blondi is a fitness model and strong so she clearly has an advantage in this matchup and it shows. From the beginning she starts KO'ing Capri with basic holds such as sleeperholds, bodyscissors, headscissors, bearhugs, dragon sleeper, and skull crushers. Then she gets ruthless and gives Capri many mandible claws and neck snaps. Even when Capri is knocked out Buff Blondi picks her up and keeps delivering neck snaps over and over. Even putting Capri in mandible claws while she is knocked out. Capri it twitching and convulsing from this humilating beatdown. Buff Blondie ends it with a 3-count pin and the easy win. She even tells the camera that the match was too easy. Approximately 16 minutes.