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Buff Blondi Wrestling 2 POV

This video features 2 matches between Buff Blondi and you in POV wrestling matches. Buff Blondi is in a dark purple bikini. She takes control off you immediately and KO's you with multiple fist punches to the face. Then she breast smothers you multiple times. As you are KO'ed she takes your hands uses them to rub her breasts with them. She grapevines you. She is talking trash all match to you. You can do nothing as Buff Blondi uses you while you are KO'ed to enjoy herself. In the second match she keep talking trash to you. You catch her with a belly punch. And dominate her throughout and again she is twitching and convulsing. Holds used are belly punches, thumb to the neck nerve hold and breast claw combo, breast claws, nipple twisters, neck snaps, throat strikes, head slams to the steel pan, and more.. Approximately 15 minutes.