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Billie Jo VS The Masked Mauler 2

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a mixed match rematch between Billie Jo and The Masked Mauler. Billie Jo was so close in winning their first match that she decides to wear something skimpier hoping to distract The Masked Mauler and come away with a victory. So she decides on the red slingshot. Which ends up being a huge mistake. The Masked Mauler comes in prepared and learned his lesson from last time. And Billie Jo is completely squashed, dominated, and humiliated in this match. She is put into multiple holds and KO'ed multiple times. Her red slingshot is allover the place leaving her breasts exposed and showing alot of skin. The Masked Mauler even pulls on the back of the red slingshot to pull Billie Jo up after some of the KO's. The only good thing Billie Jo had happen in this match is that she was lucky she wasn't completely wrestled out of the red slinghot. The Masked Mauler adds more humiliation by applying a thumb to the neck nerve hold leaving Billie Jo twitching and convulsing. The Masked Mauler finally pins her for the 3 count. Other holds featured are sleeperholds, headscissors, bearhugs, torture rack, backbreaker, chokes, full nelson, cobra clutch, and more. Approximately 19 minutes.