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Billie Jo VS The Masked Mauler

This video features a mixed match between Billie Jo and The Masked Mauler. Billie Jo is in a white bra and white thong lingerie. The match is a best out of 5 falls and the winner of each fall is declared by pinning their opponent for the 3 count. The match starts off with The Masked Mauler dominating as he usually does. He wins a test of strength and then he gets the easy victory over Billie Jo and this looks like its going to be a squash once again. He even carries her over his shoulder demonstrating how easy the match will be. In the 2nd fall Bille Jo surprises The Masked Mauler with a left hook punch that sends him down dazed and almost out. Billie Jo decides to use her assets and sexier holds to distract The Masked Mauler and to win the fall. Thus she puts him into a reverse headscissors and then a breast smother and gets the KO and the 3 count for the win. In the 3rd fall The Masked Mauler is back in control and gets another dominating win. In the 4th fall Billie Jo decides to go back to what works best for her and she delivers yet another left hook punch that sends The Masked Mauler down. Another long breast smother and Billie Jo gets the 3 count for the win. With everything tied at 2-2 The Masked Mauler is more cautious and uses his power to overtake the 5th fall and dominate Billie Jo for the 3 count pin and win. He walks her around over his shoulder one more time and leaves barely winning the match at 3-2. Other holds featured are bearhugs, backbreakers, cobra clutch, headscissors, abdominal stretch and choke combo, chokes, dragon sleeper, and more. Approximately 12 minutes.