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Billie Jo VS Bridget 2

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features two matches between Billie Jo and Bridget. In the first match Billie Jo is mad at Bridget for taking so long to get ready. She was wanting to lay out and now it is raining. Bridget calls her a bitch and they decide to have a match. First lady KO'ed is the winner. Both ladies wear micro bikinis in which their breasts have trouble staying in. The action is back and forth and even until Bridget takes control and eventually tells Billie Jo to admit that she is the one that is a bitch. Both ladies use their assets by doing many reverse headscissors and breast smothers. Bridget wants to humiliate Billie Jo some more and uses her as a table to put her legs on. Then she decides to KO her with a breast smother for the win. Other holds featured are full nelson, breast claws, chinlock and backstretch combo, and more. In the rematch both ladies decide on a best 2 out of 3 falls match with a 5 count pin resulting in a victory. They decide to wrestle in the same micro bikinis and same result as their breasts cannot stay in place. There are many failed pin attempts as the opponent kicks out. Both ladies gain a win with the final fall deciding the winner. Bridget decides to try something different in the final fall and gets Billie Jo into a thumb to the neck nerve hold that has Billie Jo KO'ed, convulsing, and twitching. Bridget gets the 5 count pin for another victory over Bilie Jo. Other holds featured are bearhugs, chokes, bodyscissors and bearhug combo, dragon sleeper, breast smothers, sleeperholds, and more. Approximately 24 minutes.