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Bella VS Serena 3

Warning--Video Contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Bella and Serena. In the first match Bella is in a red one piece swimsuit and Serena is in black lingerie. Serena knows that Bella defeated her once in their previous matches and takes no chances and brings out the steel sheet immediately. While Bella is turned around waiting on the match to start Serena sneaks behind her and slams her on the head with the steel sheet. Bella is KO'ed right as the match starts and Serena refuses to pin Bella and continues to dominate and humiliate her. Serena pulls on Bella's red swimsuit throughout the match to pull her up and deliver blows. Serena even decides to deliver 3 straight DDT's to Bella onto the steel sheet as well as slamming her head multiple times onto the steel sheet. She even uses the steel sheet to choke Bella. Then finally when Serena has decided enough humiliation has been dished out she pins Bella for the easy 3-count. Other holds featured are sleeperholds, headscissors, bearhugs, backstrech using Bella's swimsuit straps, camel clutch, backbreaker, and more. In the second match Bella decides to switch back into her lucky skimpy pink cut off tshirt and Serena is in leopard lingerie. Bella, having only won one match against Serena, decides to try something different and use her massive breasts to her advantage by breast smothering Serena many times. Serena is KO'ed multiple times as Bella dominates the match and gets the 3-count for the victory. Other holds featured are sleeperholds, chokes, bearhugs, and more. Approximately 25 minutes.