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Bella VS Serena 2

Warning--Video Contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Bella and Serena. In the first match Bella is in a skimpy pink cut off tshirt and Serena is in purple lingerie. Bella is trying to get her first win against Serena and decides to use one of Serena's old tricks and bring out the steel sheet. And she suceeds as she dominates the match and KO's Serena multiple times by slamming her head onto the steel sheet and using other KO holds. Bella pins Serena for the easy 3-count for the victory. Holds featured are full nelson, sleeperholds, headscissors, bearhugs, chokes, cobra clutch, chinlocks, and more. In the second match Bella is in black lingerie and Serena is in white and orange lingerie. Serena is able to regroup and take control of Bella once again with multiple holds that leave Bella KO'ed multiple times. Serena gets the 3-count pin for the victory. Holds featured are belly claw, headscissors, sleeperholds, iron claw hold, chinlock and backstretch combo, chinlock, and more. Approximately 22 minutes.