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Bella and Demi VS The Masked Mauler

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 mixed matches. First match is Bella against The Masked Mauler. Bella wears sexy lingerie for the match. Once again The Masked Mauler dominates and squashes his opponents. Bella's breasts have trouble staying in her lingerie throughout the match. The Masked Mauler finishes her off with 3 headslams onto the steel sheet. Then he toys with her by putting an already unconscious Bella into a sleeperhold. Then he pins her for the 3 count. Bella is out cold, exposed, and humiliated. Other holds featured are bodyscissors, chokes, torture rack, bearhug, full nelson, camel clutch, sleeperhold, and more. The second match features Demi walking into the room and finding her friend Bella KO'ed on the floor. She is like what just happened and drags and pulls Bella off of the floor and demands a match against The Masked Mauler to get revenge for her friend. Once again it ends being a big mistake as she is completely squashed and humiliated by The Masked Mauler. Not to mention Demi wears the red slingshot which leaves her exposed the entire match. Near the end of the match The Masked Mauler delivers a total of 5 headslams onto the steel sheet that leave Demi unconscious. He then pins her for the final 3 count. And leaves Demi out cold, exposed, and humiliated just like Bella was. Other holds featured are full nelson, torture rack, bodyscissors and pull on the red slingshot combo, chokes, abdominal stretch, and more. Approximately 17 minutes.