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Becky VS Dominique 6

Warning--Video Contains Sheer Outfits. This video features 2 matches between Becky and Dominique. In the first match Becky is in a sheer purple one piece lingerie and Dominique is in a red one piece lingerie. Becky has just found out that Dominique has been sleeping with her boyfriend. Dominique admits to it. Obviously Becky is upset and grabs Dominique and the match is on. There is a lot of trashing talking by both ladies in the match. The match is even back and forth. Dominique gets the first KO but Becky's rage from what Dominique did to her shows and she is able to overtake Dominique and KO her for the win. Dominique awakens holding her head and neck wondering what happened. In the next match they decide to have another match and this time they agree that the match will be taped and will be shown to the boyfriend so that he can decide on which lady he wants. Becky is in an orange bikini and Dominique is in a purple bikini. Again the action is back and forth and is even throughout with a lot of trash talking by both ladies. In an unexpected twist Dominique pulls out the steel sheet and DDT's Becky onto it. It looks like the match is over but Dominique sits there and brags to the camera on how she is the better lady and that gives Becky enough time to recover without Dominique realizing it. Becky sneaks from behind and grabs Dominique and delivers a headslam to the steel sheet. Dominique is out cold. Now Becky makes the mistake instead of going for the pin she decides to put an unconscious Dominique in holds to humiliate her more. Dominique is able to recover and take control and KO Becky. She gets the 5-count full body pin and the match is over. Dominique gets her revenge on Becky. Holds featured are standing headscissors with axe handles to the back, belly punches, dragon sleeper and bodyscissors combo, camel clutch, backbreaker, choke with a towel, neck and back stretch, bearhugs, sleeperholds, test of strength, various different types of headscissors and bodyscissor holds, and more. Approximately 26 minutes.