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Becky VS Dominique 4

Warning--Video Contains Minor Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a match between Becky and Dominique. Becky is in pink lingerie and Dominique is in blue lingerie. Becky was finally able to pull off a victory in their previous match after being humiliated by Dominique in their previous two matches. Dominique is still feeling the effects of their previous match and thus this ends up being a match that goes back and forth with both ladies getting KO's on their opponent. At the end Dominique's strength is too much for Becky and KO's her. She has her opponent finished but decides to add a little more punishment by pinning Becky's arms down with her legs and applying an iron claw hold to an already unconscious and spread eagle Becky. Dominique pins her for the 3-count and is the winner. Other holds featured are sleeperholds, over the shoulder choke hold, breast smother, belly claw, bodyscissors and choke combo, hammerlock, figure four headscissors, bearhug, and more. Approximately 13 minutes.