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Becky VS Dominique 3

Warning--Video Contains Very Revealing Fishnet Dresses. This video features a match between Becky and Dominique. Both ladies are in fishnet dresses that are very revealing with their nipples poking thru. Both ladies have booty shorts underneath. Dominique gets a quick choke in before Becky goes after her breasts. From then on Dominique never recovers as Becky puts her in holds while applying breast claws. Becky headslams Dominque onto the steel sheet multiple times also. Just like Dominique did to her in their previous match. Becky talks trash throughout the entire match. Dominique is KO'ed multiple times. Many extreme closeups throughout the match. Dominique is finally defeated in unexpectedly easy and humiliating fashion. One final headslam onto the steel sheet and Becky pins her for the 3-count and is the winner. Holds featured are sleeperholds, choke with a towel, headscissors, hammerlock, iron claw hold, bodyscissors, bearhug, and more. Approximately 12 minutes.