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Becky VS Dominique 2

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a match between Becky and Dominique. Becky is in a very loose and revealing gray t-shirt with red booty shorts and Dominique is in pink and leopard lingerie. Becky was very humiliated in their first match as she was completely destroyed and exposed. She wanted a rematch. Dominique asks her why the rematch when Becky is clearly not in her league and not close to as strong as her. Becky said she is going to keep trying. Whats results is a more dominating beating to Becky and even multiple head slams onto the steel sheet. Adding to the humiliation Becky's breasts are popping out of her t-shirt as she is in holds and KO'ed. Midway through the match as she is KO'ed multiple types and has received multiple headslams onto the steel sheet she begins to twitch while KO'ed and spread eagle. Another completely humiliating match for Becky. Dominique ends it with the 3-count and continues her dominance. Holds featured are backbreakers, breast smothers, chokes, sleeperholds, chinlock and backstretch combo, and more. Approximately 13 minutes.