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Becky VS Dominique

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a match between Becky and Dominique. Both wrestlers wear skimpy white cutoff t-shirts with Becky wearing a blue thong and Dominique in red and black booty shorts. The meaner tattooed Dominique just completely dominates Becky in this match by KO'ing multiple times and leaving Becky spread eagle. Becky has no chance in this match as she keeps getting KO'ed and slapped around to be awaken just to be KO'ed again. Becky is humiliated in this match as Dominique pulls on her thong while she has her in a standing headscissors and luckily doesn't rip it off. Becky also has trouble with her top as it keeps riding up on her adding to the humiliation. Dominique continues to dominate and then finally decides to pin Becky for the 3-count and the victory. Holds featured are dragon sleepers, various different headscissors holds, bearhug, breast claw and stomach claw combo, double breast claw, breast smothers, sleeperhold, chokes, iron claw hold, backbreaker, and more. Approximately 21 minutes.