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Aria VS Evelyn 4

This video features 2 matches between Aria and Evelyn. In both matches the ladies wear cutoff t-shirts and bottoms. First match is a boxing match. Although Aria gets knocked down once she is pretty much in control of the match getting knock downs on Evelyn. The final knock down has Evelyn out and unable to get up. In an unexpected turn Aria decides to get on top of Evelyn and deliver multiple belly punches until Evelyn is KO'ed. Just to humiliate her even more. Evelyn is KO'ed and Aria mocks her. In the next match Evelyn has a master plan to get back at Aria and humiliate her. Both ladies claim their holds are stronger and have a few contests. Holds are released when the lady submits. Evelyn as planned submits to Aria's headscissors and sleeperhold. Now its Evelyn's turn as she applies her headscissors on Aria. Aria submits but Evelyn decides to break the rules and does not release the hold until Aria is KO'ed. Aria ends up KO'ed and out. Approximately 10 minutes.