High Definition Downloadable Video

Aria VS Evelyn 3

This video features 2 matches between Aria and Evelyn. Both ladies are dressed in lingerie. Aria tells Evelyn that she wants her title back and will win it. There is a ton of trash talking throughout the match. The ladies are non stop talking and insulting each other the entire match. The match is pretty even throughout until Aria decides to bring out the steel sheet and slam Evelyn's head onto it. Evelyn is unable to recover and Aria gets the pin to win her title back. Evelyn received in rematch in their second match vowing to get her title back. Both ladies wrestler in micro bikinis. Once again the trash talking is non stop and the match is even throughout. Evelyn is able to apply multiple various bodyscissors holds to wear down Aria. Aria is eventually KO'ed and Evelyn regains her title. There are too many holds too list that are used in the video but all of them are pictured above. Approximately 28 minutes.