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Arianna VS Leah 3

Warning--Video Contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features a match between Arianna and Leah. Arianna is in a red micro bikini and Leah is in a blue micro bikini. Their previous matches have been pretty much even and they decided to do a third match to declare the better wrestler. The match is very even throughout with both ladies getting multiple KO's on their opponent. Leah decides to use her breasts to deliver two breast smothers near the end of the match. Arianna is unable to recover and is pinned for the 3 count. Other holds featured are bodyscissors, chinlock, headscissors, dragon sleeper, foot choke, chokes and backstretches using the arm of the couch, sleeperholds, bearhugs, backstretches, and more. Approximately 22 minutes.