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Arianna VS Leah

Warning--Video Contains Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Arianna and Leah. In the first match Arianna is in a pink dress and Leah is in a red dress. Arianna dominates Leah in the match. Leah is KO'ed multiple times and pinned for the 3 count. Holds featured are sleeperholds, headscissors, chokes, iron claw hold, backstretch, full nelson, bodyscissors and chinlock combo, and more. In the second match Arianna is in pink and white lingerie and Leah is in pink and black lingerie. This match goes back and forth with both ladies getting many KO's on their opponent. Leah is able to learn from her first match and ends up getting the final KO and 3 count pin for the victory. Holds featured are cobra clutch, headscissors, sleeperholds, headscissors and backstretch combo, bearhugs, dragon sleeper, chokes, iron claw hold, bodyscissors and chinlock combo, and more. Approximately 21 minutes.