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Amber VS Serena 2

This video features 2 matches between Pro Wrestler Amber and Serena. In the first match Amber is in a blue bikini and Serena is in a yellow bikini. The match starts off with Serena on the phone unhappy on how Amber dominated Cassandra in their previous match. Amber over hears the conversation and approaches Serena and lets her know that she will dominate her the same way. Serena is dominated and KO'ed multiple times. Amber even uses a booty bump to KO Serena twice as her head bounces off the couch multiple times. Amber adds to the humiliation by riding Serena around like a horse. A final straight 30-count booty bump KO's Serena and Amber is the winner. Other holds featured are dragon sleeper, sleeperhold, multiple different headscissors holds, foot choke, chinlock, and more. In the second match Amber is in orange and black lingerie and Serena is in leopard lingerie. The match starts off with Amber sitting around waiting for her next opponent to show up. As she realizes that her opponent is not going to show she then decides to go into the locker room and find an opponent. She ends up coming out of the locker room with Serena. She tells Serena she is going to dominate her because she is not happy with her opponent not showing. Serena is dominated the entire match and KO'ed multiple times. Amber starts off using holds such as sleeperholds and headscissors. But then decides to dominate the rest of the match by using a hand smother on Serena. Amber gives Serena multiple 15-count hand smothers. At the end of the 15-count she releases the hold as Serena pleads that she is drained and worn out. Serena eventually is KO'ed once again as Amber continues to talk trash to her. Amber pulls Serena to the floor and leaves her KO'ed and spread eagle. Approximately 29 minutes.