High Definition Downloadable Video

Amber VS Serena

This video is a match between Pro Wrestler Amber and Serena. Amber is in red and black lingerie and Serena is in a yellow bikini. The video starts off with Amber telling Serena that she is not happy to have to wrestle her and that she is going to crush her the entire match. And then proceeds to dominate Serena. Amber puts Serena into ab crushing bodyscissor holds as Serena pleads that she is being dominated and crushed. Amber also uses a sitting full nelson and bodyscissors combo as Serena uses her abs to try to escape but is not able to. Amber even humiliates Serena by walking her around like a dog. Eventually Serena is worn out and KO'ed multiple times as her abs are being crushed. Approximately 21 minutes.