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Addison Mixed Wrestling

Warning--Video Contains Full Topless. This video features 2 matches between Addison and the male. In the first match Addison is a black bra and skirt. Addison holds her own in the first minute of the match as the male is unable to get control of Addison and gets frustrated and acts like he is quitting the match. Addison is overconfident and assumes the match is over and does some stretches on her own. The male sneak attacks her from behind and then takes control of the match by KO'ing Addison multiple times. Addison's breasts start to slip out of her bra adding to her humiliation. Then eventually while in a bearhug her bra rides up on her exposing her breasts. And then eventually ends up full topless adding even more humiliation. The male KO's Addison for the final time. She eventually awakens full topless and humiliated. In the second match Addison is in a blue bikini. Addison is still feeling the effects of their first match and is completely dominated once again. Her breasts once again start to slip out of her top while dominated and eventaully ends up topless once again. She is once again KO'ed multiple times, dominated, and humiliated. Holds featured are backbreakers, sleeperholds, full nelson, torture rack, back stretch, bearhugs, and more. Approximately 16 minutes.