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Kimberly and Lori VS Male

This video features Kimberly and Lori VS the male. This is Kimberly's and Lori's first mixed video. Kimberly and Lori wear 2 different bikinis and lingerie in the video. The ladies take turns wrestling the male. The male is able to pin them for a 10 count pin multiple times. The ladies manage to also get a 10 count pin on the male. They decide wrestling the male 1 on 1 is not working and decide to double team him. The male continues to dominate with a double bearhug and a double bodyscissors and is able to get a few double leg hook 10 count pins. The male spends a lot of energy and at the very end the ladies are able to take control and get the final 10 count pin. At the end of the video there are 2 bonus clips featuring a sleeperholds. Holds featured in this video are bearhugs, torture racks, neckscissors, bodyscissors, boston crab, chinlock, backbreaker, dragon sleeper, double bearhug, double bodyscissors, etc.. Approximately 27 minutes.