Downloadable Video

Hailey VS Natalie VS Kimberly

This video is a 3-way match between Hailey, Natalie, and Kimberly. Hailey and Natalie decide to double team Kimbelry and KO her many times. They put her into a double bearhug, headscissors and belly punch combo, sleeperholds and iron claw to the stomach combo, full nelson and iron claw, combo, and they even take turns belly punching her. Kimberly is able to get one KO on the ladies and then mocks them by walking them around like dogs. Hailey and Natalie are not too happy and are able to once again gain the advantage and KO Kimberly again. Then Kimberly is the one walked around like a dog. At the very end Kimberly is out and one of the ladies turns on her partner. One lady is left standing victorious. Approximately 14 minutes.