**Special Notice on Fitnessactionwrestling and Femmixvspro becoming archived sites**


**Femmixvspro.com and Fitnessactionwrestling.com will now become archived sites and not updated anymore. All updates will now happen on Femmixwrestling.com with a

total of 2 picset updates that are going to be a guaranteed of over 120 pics, 1 long video clip preview, and 1 special photoset per month. Those of you who had active

memberships to any of these sites now have access to all 3 sites as a superpass. And the same is true for anyone with access to Femmixwrestling.com as they now have

access to all 3 sites. We are merging all 3 sites basically. From now on by joining the members section of Femmixwrestling.com you will now get access to all 3 sites with the

superpass. The login and username you are assigned will be your login to all 3 sites. The price will not change. You will be getting access to all 3 sites for the same price of

joining the Femmixwrestling.com members area. Customers want more videos instead of picsets so by concentrating on updating Femmixwrestling.com with the 2 new

photosets we can use the rest of time to create new videos that will equal around 6-8 new videos per month!!**